Calumpang NHS Dominates in Pasiklaban sa Pidabs 2014

Pasiklaban sa Pidabs Over-All Champion - Calumpang National High School

THE CELEBRATION OF HARDWORK! Even the crowd joins the celebration of the over-all champion – Calumpang National High School. With the CNHS group are PWU PSP Chairman Mrs. Lerma Elca Marcelo and Marketing Officer Ms. Jizelle Valenzuela.

Nagcarlan, Laguna – Students of Calumpang National High School, together with their coach Mr. Arnel and Mrs. Lizette Mangilin, proved their skills in technology as they top at the Pasiklaban sa Pidabs 2014 Eliminations Phase. They were awarded as the Over-All Champion at the SunStar Mall, Sta Cruz, Laguna last January 15.

The said competition was organized by the Philippine Women’s University – Sta. Cruz CDCEC Branch that aims to showcase the skills of the students in different courses to be taken on college. The contest starts with Pre-Eliminations Phase last October 29, 2014 in the form of Quiz-Bee which was participated by 22 schools. The eight schools who qualified to the eliminations phase competed for the 5 different challenges starting from November to January.

In each challenge, the first placer will bag 50 points. Second place will receive 40 points, 30 pt. for 3rd place, and 10 for the non-winning team.

The first challenge is the ICT Challenge which is Computer Hardware Servicing (CHS). The CNHS group is composed of the following students: Zynell Mangilin and Juvy Baltazar for OS Installation; John Paul Pelojero, Ivan Samia and John Heinrich Esteban for Networking; Jessie Desono, Adrian Angeles and Zieny Alesna for PC Assembly. They followed strictly the Occupational Health and Safety Standard (OHS) which made them the 1st Placer.

In BSBA Challenge held last December 4, 2014, they also placed 1st in Kesong Puti Marketing and Advertising. Baltazar gave the presentation based to the tarpaulin designed by Mangilin.

The municipality of Nagcarlan was promoted by CNHS team in the Tourism Service Management (TSM) Challenge in which they were awarded 3rd in the presentation. The Music Video entitled “Parine na sa Nagcarlan”, with its own compositon, created by the group ranked 1st Place.

During the Hospitality Race in HMS (Hospitality Management Service), they grabbed the 1st Place again when they recorded 8 minutes and 54 seconds in doing all the tasks over 16 minutes of the second placer. Performers were John Heinrich Esteban (Bartending), Clarisse Monteza (Napkin Folding), Jonas Ortigueras and Mary Jean Oliva (Table Setting) and Raspie Montaña (Puzzle).

Finally, the last challenge which contributed to the 210 points of Calumpang NHS was the Dance Battle. This was participated by the CNHS “MOS Wanted Krew” composed of 11 dancers who placed 3rd.

By last week of February, the 20 students of CNHS will represent PWU Sta. Cruz to the 1st Inter High School Skills Competition to be held at PWU Main Campus. They will compete in Quiz-Bee and Dance Battle with the representatives from other provinces in Luzon and Visayas.


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